Castelbuono Consulting Services

A consulting firm helping clients internationally.

Services Areas

  • Business strategy and internationalization
  • Negotiation and renegotiation of contracts
  • Contract management
  • Risk analysis, legal and compliance risk assessment in an international context
  • Digitalization and IPR
  • Innovation, business development and startups
  • Private and public international law consulting services
  • Advisory services in Chile and other Latin American countries for ex-pats and businesses


  • Information technology
  • Compliance
  • Personal Data Protection
  • Cyber ​​security
  • International Trade
  • Cloud
  • IoT
  • Oil & Gas
  • Foreign investment
  • Real Estate law in Chile and Argentina
  • Telecommunications
  • Entertainment o media services and content (broadcast and OTT)
  • Construction, and EPC projects
  • Tourism and Leisure projects
  • Aquaculture
  • Energy and natural resources
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Transportation
  • Dispute Settlement
  • Private and public international law advisory services including human rights matters


“Who are we and what is our purpose?”

We are an international team of legal and commercial advisors who tailor specific solutions for you and your business in case you are seeking the internationalization of your products and services, or simply solving a challenge regarding your situation, your business and your activities internationally.

We specialize in different industries and service areas, and some of our partners and collaborators are legal practitioners, however, we are not a law firm.

We are based in Oslo, Norway and we collaborate with different strategic international partners.

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