The Team

We are a team with a wide range of skills and experience based in Chile and Norway.

Jeremias Manzur-Sottile

Castelbuono Consulting Founder and Manager, Lawyer (Abogado UC Chile), J.D., LL.M.

Jeremias is based in Oslo, Norway.

Languages: Spanish, English, Norwegian and Portuguese.

Areas: complex negotiations, international contract management, business law, media and technology, telecom, infrastructure, energy, natural resources, IPR and data protection.

Mariajose Mayorga

Lawyer (Abogada, Universidad Central Chile).

Languages: English, Spanish and Norwegian.

Mariajose is based in Oslo and works in the area of advisory services for individuals helping and answering questions of private and public international law. She has several years of experience advising clients in Chile and Norway.

Areas: Chilean law, private and public international law, family law, contracts and inheritance and real estate areas.

Juan Pablo Zuñiga Velazquez

Lawyer (Abogado, UC Chile).

Languages: English and Spanish.

Juan Pablo is based in Santiago de Chile and works advising individuals and corporate clients on questions about local law and access to the Chilean market. Juan Pablo has several years of experience advising national and international clients in Chile. He has also worked for renowned law firms in Santiago de Chile.

Areas: private law, dispute settlement, corporate and real estate law.